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How Visual Assistance Simplifies Self-Installation

Although most customers demand DIY options when it comes to self-installing electronic devices, millions of consumers still experience severe difficulties. Simplifying the process is a strategic goal for leading companies which are acutely aware of the high cost of complexity: it drives up call volume, technician dispatch rates, and No Fault Found (NFF) product returns. While how-to videos are popular, they offer limited assistance to DIYers – they cannot take account of the customer’s environment or correct errors during installation. To better support their customers, a growing number of forward-thinking companies are taking customer service to the next level with real-time Visual Assistance, providing clear, Augmented Reality instructions on the customer’s mobile screen. Download this report to learn how the technology is proven to effortlessly resolve even the most complex product installation issues, with sample use cases where Visual Assistance simplifies the process, resulting in a win-win for companies and their customers.  
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