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Choosing a Remote Visual Assistance Solution: The Complete Guide

AR remote support solutions for customer service are fast becoming essential tools for companies of all sizes. Organizations in verticals ranging from telecom and consumer electronics to insurance and utilities are discovering the wide range of benefits the technology offers.

When you download Choosing a Remote Visual Assistance Solution: The Complete Guide, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate the various AR remote support solutions on the market and select the right product for your organization.

You’ll discover:
  • How to gauge potential value based on target KPIs including FCR, AHT, NPS and CES
  • How to assesses a solution’s features and capabilities
  • How to evaluate potential customer and agent adoption rates
You’ll read all about the ten most important considerations, including whether the solution is designed for contact centers, if it’s web-based or app-based, whether it will enable your company to support hardware only or also software, and if it will allow knowledge sharing across different departments. And then there’s Computer Vision AI, the true game-changer in the AR remote support solutions space – the key to both real-time visual agent decision support and full visual self-service.

Download Choosing a Remote Visual Assistance Solution: The Complete Guide and start planning the addition of the visual dimension to your company’s digital transformation.

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