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Visual support and guidance for Medical Devices and Medical Equipment can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and eliminate customer frustration.

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Real-Time Visual Support for medical devices & Equipment

TechSee computer vision adds visual guidance using AR overlays and AI-powered flows to help shorten customer support calls, reduce on-site visits, and improve customer satisfaction.


Reduce operational costs
Eliminate unnecessary home visits, product pickups and replacements and reduce call volume.
Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce customer effort with visual, interactive assistance that creates better customer experience and loyalty.
Improve contact center engagement
Empower your call center agents with visual guidance to increase first-time fix rates and more easily troubleshoot.
Differentiate your brand & earn loyalty
Deliver engaging visual guidance, improving customer service & resolution time, resulting in increased lifetime value.
Minimize No-Fault product returns
Allow your customers to more easily setup and use their devices, reducing unnecessary returns.
Enhance self-service efficiency
Enable your customers to be more independent with superior self-installation efficiency and success.

visual assistance enhances the customer journey

Implementing a visual assistance solution significantly enhances the way issues and queries are processed and resolved, delivering better CX across a wide variety of use cases.
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  • Setup Guidance
  • Warranty Verification
  • Operational Guidance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Personalization
  • Billing Support

Customer Success Story: Cochlear

Cochlear, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, partnered with TechSee to provide visual service automation, helping their specialists and recipients set up devices and troubleshoot issues faster and more efficiently. 

Support for recipients of hearing implants can be particularly challenging due to the varying components and settings in hearing implant sound processors. TechSee’s visual remote assistance technology allows recipients to show support agents what they see, without requiring any technical knowledge.  Agents can visually guide recipients in using Augmented Reality to ensure full resolution to even the most complex challenges. This revolutionary technology enables Cochlear to optimally support their recipients when they need it the most.

"I loved TechSee’s visual support technology. Having the ability to just point my camera at the Cochlear (device) saved me from having to explain what was going on and understanding what part they are referring to. This way I got it right on the first go. Cochlear has made a great decision to add TechSee as an asset. I trust Cochlear, and TechSee is a big part of that."

Adriana Chavez, Mother of Cochlear Recipient

"Virtual support technologies make my job 100 times better! TechSee’s visual assistance is a game changer because it helps me be more efficient and more accurate in my troubleshooting. A call that might take 75 minutes is typically reduced to 30 minutes or less when I can see what is happening and understand what the customer is experiencing"

Myra Arriaga, Device Support Specialist


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Cochlear device support specialists recommend TechSee to help their users setup devices and accurately resolve issues faster using live visual guidance.
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We believe that showing
is better than telling.

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