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Explore the cutting-edge technology which allows machines to see and guide humans on resolving complex technical issues.

Driving Visual Automation

Our patented technology combines proprietary Deep Learning and advanced Computer Vision AI methods, to recognize devices and their parts and associate them with common issues and resolutions.


Device Onboarding
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We collect and tag visual data of a new device from various sources while minimizing the required volume.
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We create models to recognize the specific device and its status using Deep Learning and advanced Computer Vision techniques.
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We integrate recognition capabilities within self-service channels, contact centers or field services platforms.
Automated Guidance
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Videos and images are captured by the user (customer, agent or technician)
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The system recognizes the device type and its issue to provide a resolution from the knowledge base.
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The system guides the user with real-time feedback until it verifies that the issue has been resolved.

Maximize value with the industry’s first visual automation solution

Our models are created and trained to analyze electronic products, based on your data, to allow the recognition of specific device models and issues to the highest level of accuracy.
We combine proprietary Deep Learning and Computer Vision algorithms to achieve maximal robustness, speed and accuracy.
Data is collected through crowdsourcing of expertise, from synthetic image generation or other any visual data sets.
Training a new device takes a matter of hours with ‘few-shot learning’ methods, reducing the number of required images from tens of thousands to just several.
Using APIs, our recognition capabilities can be implemented over the web (with no app download), via native app or integrated into other self-service tools, for real-time or offline image processing.
We train our modules to recognize your exact devices and their specific symptoms, enabling automatic resolution retrieval from your organization’s knowledge base.
We provide a customer-facing virtual assistant solution which can interact with users using voice and text commands and provide real- time feedback.
Unique visual data anonymization mechanism to ensure maximal privacy.


Product Unboxing
Self-service flow for a new line of routers, enabling customers to install them independently. The module includes recognition of the exact device model, as well as components such as ports, cables, and buttons, along with their exact locations, positions and statuses.
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Self-service flow for rectifying a range of TV issues. The module includes identification of the exact model, as well as recognition of issues according to a combination of features such as disconnected cables, error codes, indication LEDs, and pressed buttons.

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Agent Decision Support
Enables contact center agents to support a wide variety of smart devices. The system is trained to recognize product models, parts and statuses during a remote visual assistance session. It instantly retrieves guidance from the knowledge base, shortening time to resolution.

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Technician Autonomous Assistance
Allows field technicians to show their jobs and receive automated step-by-step guidance. The system identifies the equipment and issue, and pulls a resolution from the FSM knowledge base, directing the technician to the right visual instructions.

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Anomaly Detection
Enables technicians to show their work, verifying jobs without the need to contact a remote expert. The module uses image comparison methods to identify a device’s irregular status and compare it with the ideal one, recognizing incorrect configuration or wiring.

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Product Registration
Self-service flow for a coffee machine manufacturer, which allows collection of images during the product registration process. The system identifies the exact device model, extracts essential details from the receipt and serial number, and correlates this data with the warranty database.
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Explore how TechSee increases call deflection with visual automation

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