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Global Innovator Vodafone Partners with TechSee for AR Remote Assistance

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As a leading provider of intelligent visual engagement, TechSee is at the forefront of the digital customer experience transformation. Our goal is to partner with innovative Tier-1 companies, by providing them with effective digital solutions that enable them to exceed their customers’ expectations.

is a multinational telecommunications conglomerate committed to customer service excellence. Over 400 million customers in 2018 placed Vodafone as the 4th largest global mobile operator, and the 9th largest telecom by total revenue: US $64.5 billion. To maintain their leadership position in the industry, Vodafone has placed a strong focus on , partnering with the best-in-class technological solutions that accelerate Vodafone’s digital transformation and improve their Customer Experience by providing quicker, simpler and more effective service and solutions.

Download our Vodafone case study to learn more about how TechSee Improved the Telco’s CX KPIs 

The TechSee-Vodafone Partnership

TechSee, a leader in intelligent visual engagement, was initially contracted by , Vodafone’s Dutch operator, to pilot remote customer assistance technology powered by AI and AR. The company looked to TechSee to provide a customer support solution that would drive down its dispatch rate and its associated costs effectively while boosting customer satisfaction.

With TechSee’s unified visual platform, Vodafone Ziggo’s agents were able to view the customer’s environment and troubleshoot technical issues more easily, as well as reconcile billing inquiries on the spot. With Vodafone’s remote technology innovation, many of the activities that had previously required a technician dispatch could now be performed remotely by the agents acting as virtual technicians. This effectively lowered their dispatch rate by as much as 26%.

One success led to another

Following this Vodafone innovation proof of concept, two additional rollouts were carried out by Vodafone UK and . Both were highly successful, with Vodafone UK reporting that TechSee’s implementation resulted in a 12% improvement in FCR and a 68% improvement in customer satisfaction. VodafoneZiggo, UK and Portugal then expanded TechSee’s AI and AR services within their operations and additional launched Vodafone Visual Support, which included , Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Ireland and Greece.

Vodafone & TechSee on TV

Vodafone Greece even chose to highlight the huge competitive advantage created by TechSee’s service by featuring the technology in its campaigns. As TechSee’s technology was proven to deliver ROI over and over again, a global partnership with Vodafone Group was established by signing a group agreement with VPC (Vodafone Procurement Company).

Vodafone Partnership Yields Effective Results

Vodafone employees have been enthusiastic about the TechSee implementation. They report feeling empowered to help customers, especially in situations where the issue is complicated to describe or when there is a language barrier. One agent explained, “TechSee visualizes for us what customers see so that we can see the problem, and it makes it easier for me to assess the whole situation.”

The Vodafone management also appreciates the efficiencies of the technology and its impact on key KPIs. “With TechSee, we are able to resolve a significant number of customer issues remotely, together with the customer, without having to send technicians. Besides the cost savings, our customer satisfaction has increased because we provide more effective service, saving time and solving the issue on the spot,“ said George de Visser, Director Customer Care, Vodafone-Ziggo.

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  Aside from the wins in technical support, visual guidance empowered agents To handle a wide range of administrative requests in real time, requests that would otherwise have required much back-and-forth or even a store visit. Visual guidance helped agents with various tasks including:
  • resolving billing inquiries
  • obtaining proof of address
  • obtaining eligibility for military discounts
  • understanding errors in customers’ contracts
  • resolving upgrade and trade-in disputes.
In one case, the technology even acted as a fraud prevention mechanism, visually detecting a suspicious charge on a customer’s bill and referring the case to the fraud department.

Computer Vision for Vodafone’s Future

Vodafone’s leadership has identified the important role AI and AR play in improving the customer experience and offering more self-service opportunities. In collaboration with TechSee, Vodafone has recently launched Agent Assistance capabilities powered by AR and AI Computer Vision. AI helps agents identify devices faster and with greater accuracy. It then offers recommendations for possible issues and solutions.

Simultaneously, Vodafone is in the process of expanding its self-service capabilities  — such as unboxing and troubleshooting — by incorporating advanced interactive features that are driven by AI and AR computer vision. Vodafone has also begun exploring the process of introducing TechSee’s AR and AI capabilities into the buying experience. Additional visual digital tools — such as co-browsing, screen sharing and more — are being deployed to streamline the customer experience and boost operational efficiency. Some of these capabilities have already been integrated into the MyVF app, making Vodafone’s innovation more easily accessible to customers.

Innovation Moving Forward

Vodafone is strongly committed to innovation as made evident at a recent expo, where the company demonstrated the use of holograms to create a virtual interaction in a virtual space. The goal of the demonstration was to showcase the potential of its high speed networks (5G, FTTX, etc.) along with AR and AI capabilities. At TechSee, we take pride in collaborating with forward-thinking companies such as Vodafone, providing them with the innovation required to achieve a better connected tomorrow.
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Hagai Shaham, Director of Strategic Accounts

Hagai joined TechSee in its beginnings in 2016 and has profound knowledge of its solutions and the audience it caters to. He is currently serving as TechSee's Director of Strategic Accounts to ensure clients realize the full value from their solutions and partnerships.


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