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Hold Time is Gold Time: 5 Ways to Improve Call Center Performance By Capturing Customer Data While They Wait on Hold

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No More Hold Music

If your world is the call center and customer service, every second counts. The moments customers spend on hold shouldn’t be wasted. They hold immense potential for you not only to capture crucial information but also to turn the dreaded hold time into a positive customer experience.

Embracing this philosophy, TechSee’s Visual Journeys simple integration with your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can revolutionize customer engagement by turning “hold time” into “customer gold”. 

Five reasons why you need to start a Hold is Gold program

  1. Elevating the Customer Experience: Instead of being a frustrating lull, hold time becomes an opportunity to engage customers proactively. TechSee’s Visual Journeys integrates easily with your IVR platform to enable businesses to offer visually guided prompts, personalized forms, and surveys during hold periods. This empowers customers to provide the necessary information, capture images, and share relevant data. By minimizing wait times and personalizing interactions, customers feel valued and appreciated, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Maximizing Data Capture Efficiency: TechSee’s Visual Journeys redefine data capture during hold times, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy. Customers can submit images, documents, or screenshots through the visual interface of the IVR system. This streamlined process eliminates the need for verbal repetition, ensuring accurate data capture and minimizing errors. The captured data seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of customer needs, preferences, and histories, which can be leveraged for personalized interactions and targeted marketing efforts.
  3. Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Efficiency: Integrating TechSee’s Visual Journeys with IVR platforms optimizes operational processes, saving time and resources. As customers input information and images through the visual interface, the data is automatically populated into CRM systems, eliminating manual data entry for agents. This automation reduces errors, improves efficiency, and frees up agents to focus on problem-solving. With accurate and up-to-date customer data readily available, agents can provide faster resolutions, leading to reduced call durations and enhanced operational productivity.
  4. Empowering First Call Resolution: TechSee’s Visual Journeys integrated with IVR platforms and CRM systems equip agents with valuable customer data right from the start. By capturing relevant information during hold times, agents gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s query before the call even begins. This context allows agents to offer more informed and efficient solutions, minimizing the need for customers to repeat themselves. With improved first-call resolution rates, customer satisfaction soars, and the overall customer service experience is elevated.
  5. Optimal Resource Allocation: By capitalizing on TechSee’s Visual Journeys integrated with IVR platforms and CRM systems, businesses can optimize resource allocation. The seamless flow of data into CRM systems facilitates better categorization and prioritization of customer inquiries. This data-driven approach enables efficient routing of queries to the most appropriate agents or departments, maximizing their expertise and reducing handling times. Ultimately, this translates into reduced wait times for customers, a more streamlined customer service operation, and the ability to leverage CRM data for personalized interactions.


In the dynamic landscape of customer service, “hold time is gold time.” By embracing TechSee’s Visual Journeys integrated with IVR platforms and CRM systems, businesses can unlock the untapped potential of these moments. Transforming hold times into valuable interactions elevates the customer experience, streamlines data capture, optimizes operational efficiency and seamlessly integrates with CRM systems. Leveraging customer data and empowering agents with comprehensive insights, businesses can deliver personalized solutions, drive superior customer satisfaction, and establish long-lasting customer relationships. Embrace the power of “hold time” with TechSee’s Visual Journeys, IVR platforms, and CRM integration, and witness your customer service soar to new heights.

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Ari Rosenstein, VP Marketing

Ari Rosenstein is a tech-savvy marketing and sales leader and served as Consultant to help several start-ups such as AppsFlyer, Similarweb, Adquant and Kenshoo expand globally before joining TechSee as VP of Marketing. Ari has an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center, and dual majors from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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