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Generative AI holds incredible potential. However, using ChatGPT is like using MS-DOS. Users have to learn a whole new set of prompts and skills. Generative AI isn’t yet built for mainstream user adoption. What would it take to make people want Generative AI? If service leaders could bridge this user experience gap, if they could deliver Generative AI-powered service as user-friendly and intuitive as a human agent, would customers use it?

In August 2023, we fielded a new study to answer this question. And the results were surprising.

Do people know what Generative AI is?

Nearly three-quarters of the general public has heard of ChatGPT or Generative AI. However, only 7% of people use it daily, rising to 12% weekly. This coincides with findings from Pew Research that most people think AI should be used to improve performance across most job functions, but few people intend to use it themselves.

Generative AI adoption, as well as a positive outlook on Generative AI overall, are strongly correlated with a higher level of education, senior job titles, and an above-average income level. For deeper insights, see the full report.

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Why are people concerned about Generative AI?

At a high level, people are concerned about data privacy, safety, and reliability. Similarly, people are concerned about job loss. More specifically, as it relates to our domain, all survey cohorts expressed strong concerns that AI will be rolled out when it saves companies money, even if it is ill-suited to a particular task.
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Where do people want to use Generative AI?

Simply put, people want Generative AI when (a) their stakes are low and (b) the AI application is highly capable of performing the assigned task.

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The #1 use case where all survey cohorts showed the most interest was customer support automation. In contrast, people across cohorts were most concerned about “high stakes” tasks like autonomous driving and flying. Multiple studies have shown that people are open to AI assistance for these high-stakes responsibilities but do not AI taking the wheel.

chơi bài đổi tiền thậtLiên kết đăng nhập What do people expect from Generative AI in Service?

Over half of the survey participants said they would view a company using Generative AI in their service as “innovative.”  Multiple data points suggest that people want Generative AI in Service when it is as capable if not better than a human agent. For example, below is a sampling of reasons people will use AI for service.
  • is highly (90%) accurate – 74%
  • is as reliable and friendly as a human – 68%
  • avoids the need to wait on hold for an agent – 62%
  • offers a natural interaction (conversational or visual, not rule-based chatbots) – 74%

However, customers expect a great deal from AI. Companies that fail to deliver the desired service customer experience with AI will find themselves in hot water. 78% say they would not accept “AI is a new technology” as a rationale for AI service failure. 73% expect to have the option to escalate quickly and seamlessly to an agent.

To learn more, download your complimentary copy of the full report.

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Jon Burg, Head of Strategy

Jon Burg Led product marketing for Wibiya and Conduit, bringing new engagement solutions to digital publishers, in addition to launching Protect360, the first big-data powered mobile fraud solution. With 15 years of delivering value for several other technological brands, Jon joined TechSee to lead its product marketing strategy.


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